1915 - 1997

My Fairy Princess

For without their help and encouragement over a period of 4 years, 1993 to 1997, my life’s story would not have been possible for your eyes to read.

By the Author - ALAN RAYMENT

In recording my life, covering a span of 82 years most events, as for the common man, are affected by health, weddings, births, wars and deaths.
However, to have lost two wives and to have had a son, H, who has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia so severely that mental hospitals were unable to contain him is - uncommon.
Thankfully, through Barbara Castle’s policy of placing long term patients in the community, H, as did others, found a housekeeper, Sylvia, who gave him love. Although not able to overcome his paranoia, H found a purpose in life, producing high quality paintings. The development of his artistic skill can be credited to Lynn, of the Grove Centre, Southsea, from 1993. H’s unstable pattern had gradually been transformed from his living nightmare to one of concern for others. I had at the Grove Centre, found that the organiser, Stuart Olesker was personally involved with all the disadvantaged pupils of his centre. He was able to offer me support in creative writing, to cope with my domestic situation. My wife, Ella, suffered from a stroke and died a few months later.
Stuart’s special caring qualities and appearance won my respect and affection, likening him to Jesus Christ.
In my writing, I refer to a Guardian Angel, who from time to time had saved my life. Little did I think that I should have a Fairy Princess, Pat, aided by another Princess, Leigh, who became my weekly mentors during the completion of my epistle.
It would be rewarding if lessons could be learned from these pages to prevent sufferers of paranoid schizophrenia attempting suicide and injuring themselves.

The Author has replaced individuals’ names, as considered appropriate.

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